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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

#ECGclass - Summer Term - case 2

If you are new to ECGclass - Welcome!  Before we start you may like to read this to help explain what it's all about - #ECGclass and how it works

Each 'term' is spilt into 5 cases launched a 2 weekly intervals.  So here goes with the second case this term!

Summer term - Case 2

This 56yrs lady attends an appointment with your HCA requesting a 'well-woman' and blood pressure check.  After 3 repeated measurements, a minute apart, her mean BP is 146/90.
In accordance with the practice protocol, your HCA performs an ECG.

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  • What is your impression of this ECG? Is it normal?

  • Does she need any further investigations?

  • Does her BP need treating?

Please feel free to join in and ask questions, or simply follow the conversation thread on Twitter - but most importantly.don't forget to use the hashtag #ECGclass in your responses!  

Have fun. 



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