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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

#ECGclass - Summer term - case 1

Welcome back all to a summer term of ECG diagnsotic fun! :)

If you are new to ECGclass - Welcome! 

Before we start you may like to read this to help explain what it's all about - #ECGclass and how it works

So here we go. 
Summer Term - Case 1

A 36 yrs old lady presents to you with a history of ‘blackouts’.
You assume these are some sort of vaso-vagal attack and ask about her menses, her alcohol habits and any other history but she shares no helpful relevations.

Examination is entirely normal, as are her FBC and electrolytes.

Does the explanation for her blackouts, lie in her abnormal ECG obtained below?

What are your thoughts?

(Please use the hashtag #ECGclass if you are joining and it always helps if we introduce ourselves). 

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