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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Autumn Class 1 - Normal Sinus Rhythm

ECG Interpretation Basics – Definition of Normal Sinus Rhythm

It is useful to know the definition of normal sinus rhythm, so that you can instantly recognise it. Only then, can you instantly recognize an ECG which is not ‘normal’.

“Sinus Rhythm” must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Regular QRS complexes (rate 60-100 bpm)
  • Regular P waves
  • P waves should always be UPRIGHT/POSITIVE in the
    inferior leads II, III and aVF (and are often inverted in
    aVR and Biphasic in V1)
  • Every P-wave is followed by a QRS complex
  • PR Interval is CONSTANT and <0.2 seconds (3-5 small squares)

Sinus Rhythm ECG:

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