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Sunday, 1 July 2012

About Me

Hi. Thank you for looking at my 'blog', which isn't really a blog at all.

This 'Educational blog'  was developed from a very casual Twitter forum. The main reason for setting this up was to offer some easy to follow ECG 'refresher' notes.  It's is aimed at those with previous, but now somewhat rusty, knowledge.  A situation I found myself in, for many years!

Please remember, I don't know everything! In fact, I know very little - I'm just a plain old ordinary GP. So if you think I've got it wrong, say so!  I rely on all those cardiology geeks out there to keep me straight.

Take a look at #ECGclass on Twitter, where some curious or classic ECG's are shared for discussion and fun - yes, like any puzzle, I think they can be fun!  They are meant to be simple, and, confidence boosting.... ;-)

I graduated from Nottingham Medical School in 1988, and completed my VTS Training for General Practice in Northallerton in 1994. I am a Part-time GP partner in Middlesbrough, with a special interest in Cardiology, also working within the Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic, at The James Cook University Hospital.

Despite my interest in 'chest pain' (of any origin), my real passion lies in Primary Care, and the diagnostic dilemmas posed, especially when an 'incidental-ECG' throws up something slightly unexpected....

Living in North Yorkshire, I am married, with 3 children. My passions include The Great Outdoors - walking, hiking, camping and skiing (the latter two, preferably not together);  as well as good food and good wine! :-)

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